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The heart of Living Earth Landscapes is our installation work! Again, our focus is on beautiful and environmentally friendly landscaping that makes sense for you, your family and fits your lifestyle. Living Earth's installation services include:

  • Outdoor rooms - these are unique installations, ranging from simple to intricate, that add to your daily living space and can make your house feel and live much larger. Imagine an intimate dining terrace ringed by a beautiful low wall, or the sanctuary of a quiet seating area created by a flagstone patio, trickling fountain and flowing ornamental grasses. Transform a little used corner of the garden into a whimsical tea-party hideaway found at the end of a meandering stepping stone path and entered under a romantic rose trellis. Whatever your dream, Living Earth can help you realize your full living space potential through introduction of one or more unique garden retreats.
  • Water features - from ponds to trickling fountains and moss gardens, water elements can bring gentle tranquility to any garden. Living Earth specializes in unique water feature design, and can add anything from a shady moss garden with trickling water to lovely ponds and streams rimmed by granite slab or unique boulders.
  • Rockwork - Use of natural stone and composite materials in your garden can solve many practical issues we face here in the Northwest. But rock and stone can also create inviting spaces for entertaining, low walls for seating and meandering paths leading to an inviting bench or quiet fountain. Sloped spaces in your landscape can be re-claimed for practical use by installation of retaining walls and steps. Steeper slopes can lend themselves to lovely terraced beds and water features created with rock walls, hanging pools and fountains. The diversity of both natural and composite materials available for use in landscapes is enormous. Living Earth can draw on our extensive experience and genuine appreciation of rock in all its forms to offer suggestions for the best features and materials to use in your garden. Consider a few uses and possible materials for rockwork in your garden:
    • Walls - rock and block
    • Patios - flagstone & paver
    • Paths - flagstone & paver
    • Steps - rock & paver
    • Boulders - choose unique shapes/colors and place artistically to add distinct visual contrast and interest.
  • Plantings - Living Earth is known for diverse, imaginative plantings. We utilize shrubs and trees with a wide array of structure and foliage colors to create plantings with year-round color and texture interest. Choosing the correct plantings for a given location and condition can make all the difference in a healthy, thriving garden or one that just limps along. Living Earth searches all sources for the highest quality plantings - from unusual native groundcovers to unique specimen trees. We guarantee all our plant installations. We utilize an enormous diversity of plants in our work and are certain to have just the right solution for any planting challenge. Choose from a variety of overall planting styles or mix and match to suit your particular style, set of outdoor rooms and garden needs.
    • Native - blend into nature with colorful, low-maintenance native plantings.
    • Shade - shady areas don't need to be difficult! Choose wisely, and they can be rich with lush, thriving plantings.
    • Edible - from strawberries to asparagus, annual and perennial edible beds are a beautiful (and tasty!) addition to any garden. Not to mention a favorite with children and wonderful hands-on learning experience.
    • Herbs - both visually appealing and useful in the kitchen, herbs can be included in almost any garden setting.
    • Seasonal - seasonal plantings can change the look and feel of your garden over the four seasons, creating ever-changing interest with different colors and textures.
    • Ornamental - from flowering fruit trees, lilacs and jasmine vines to rare evergreens, ornamentals are the heart of a garden. A dizzying array of ornamental plantings thrive in the Pacific Northwest. Living Earth can help you choose just the right ones.
    • Roses - a personal favorite and Living Earth specialty, roses add a beauty, ambience and fragrance hard to match. From a delicate bush rose, to a vigorous and prolific climbing rose, almost all thrive in our climate.
    • Cottage - a whimsical combination of plantings can lend a romantic and cozy touch to your garden or outdoor room. Not to mention a wonderful source for cut flowers to bring the outdoors inside.
    • Container - container plantings add seasonal interest and beauty and can be established in almost any space - by the front door, scattered around the terrace or patio or as companion to a quiet bench.
    • Screening/Hedges - both functional and beautiful, these plantings can add privacy and intimacy to your garden. From formal, columnar hedges to a rich collection of varied evergreen plantings, screens and hedges can be the solution to many garden needs.
    • Water - water features can form the backdrop for lush and beautiful water-loving plants such as iris and water lilies.
    • Drought-resistant - you'd be surprised what a lovely and diverse array of plantings fit in this low-maintenance category.
    • Meadow - grass areas can be a lovely and changing focal point in larger landscapes providing movement and color - and an alternative to the high-maintenance sod lawn.
    • Restoration - restore native areas and enjoy the beauty and low-maintenance of a natural northwest landscape. Does your garden border a wetland or native area? Do you have a stream or pond in your care? Living Earth has a special interest in restoration landscaping. Many elements of restoration landscaping can be integrated with harmony into your existing garden.
  • Fencing and decorative wood features - including arbors and gates, can add privacy, shade and beauty to your garden. An arbor can provide structure for lovely climbing roses, clematis and jasmine, and filtered sunlight for a fragrant outdoor seating area.
  • Landscape lighting - perhaps few elements can add so much to even the most lovely garden haven, as the introduction of lights. Lights can make spaces normally reserved only for daytime use, available for enjoyment long after dusk. Landscape lighting, available in a wide variety of options, adds style, ambience and mystery as well as serving the practical purpose of providing path and step lighting. Lighting can highlight ornamental trees and beds, lending your garden an entirely different experience after sunset and illuminating artful details rarely considered in the daylight.
  • Irrigation - A well-designed irrigation system can make the difference between a vibrant, thriving landscape and one that is just surviving. You can also save time and money by protecting your planting investment with an automatic irrigation system. Effective irrigation can be as simple as mulch covered soaker hoses and drip lines serving your container gardens. Other applications may require automated controllers, multiple zones, pop-ups and rotary heads. Living Earth is an experienced irrigation expert and offers complete irrigation system design, installation, optimization, renovation and maintenance.
  • Drainage - turn wet areas into useful, arable space through successful water and drainage system management in your garden. Living Earth can install the necessary drainage systems (from simple gravel beds to underground French drains) to allow for channeling of excess water away from your home and planting beds.
  • Play areas - create safe, fun spaces for children not only as separate areas, but throughout the garden.
  • Pet areas - many thoughtful solutions are available to allow pets and your garden to exist in harmony.


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