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Design, no matter how simple or intricate, is an inherent element in every successful landscape or landscape renovation. From overall layout of outdoor rooms, play areas, paths, patios, steps, arbors and water features, to the specific plant and tree choices and placement, design should reflect your dreams as well as the practical side of your lifestyle. How can you best utilize the light and space in your garden? What are your privacy needs? Does the garden need to be child and/or pet friendly?

Living Earth has over 25 years of experience to draw from when working with you to create a perfect landscape design. We have a strong focus on Client specific design - taking time to first understand your preferences and the requirements of your overall project before integrating beautiful elements and solutions particular to your needs.

As our name implies, Living Earth uses an environmentally friendly approach to landscaping. Our designs are no exception and include particular attention to:

  • Appropriate use of light and shade
  • Plant & Tree selection - imaginative use of a diverse array of varieties and combinations to minimize/eliminate pesticide use
  • Efficient water utilization through thoughtful irrigation design
  • Drainage issue resolution

Call to schedule an appointment and obtain a free design estimate. Living Earth Landscapes can be reached at 425 882-2930 or lel@livingearthlandscapes.com.


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